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Engaging in a partnership with a health and life coach can be truly transformative.

My comprehensive healthy lifestyle program is carefully crafted to assist individuals in reclaiming harmony and energy by fostering a deep sense of mind-body-spirit awareness.

Through this holistic approach, we delve into the core issues that hinder individuals from attaining their personal best, both internally and externally.

During our one-on-one coaching sessions, we thoroughly explore imbalances in various areas, including nutrition, physical activity, career, personal relationships, and overall sense of purpose.

Throughout the program, I provide personalized recommendations tailored specifically to each individual’s needs. These empowering suggestions enable clients to restore equilibrium, liberate themselves from limiting beliefs, and make enduring changes in their behaviors.

Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, paving the way for a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Hello, I am debora and I am a certified health and life coach, wine, food and fitness lover. my mission is to empower women to break free from the cycle of dieting and embrace holistic, sustainable healthy habits.

During my late teens, I struggled with eating disorders, which took a toll on my well-being. However, I persevered and eventually healed rediscovering the joy of consuming nourishing whole foods without obsessing with calories counting or my body image. 

I wanna share with you lovely woman how I navigated my pregnancies and the significant steps I took to prioritize my physical and mental health during this transformative time. 

Welcoming my second child into the world brought new challenges and responsibilities, but I was determined to approach it with a newfound sense of self-care and resilience.

Throughout my pregnancy, I made a conscious effort to listen to my body’s needs and embrace self-compassion. I sought support from healthcare professionals and surrounded myself with a strong support system, ensuring that I had the tools and resources necessary to maintain my mental well-being.

However, despite my preparations, I encountered a formidable opponent in the form of postpartum depression. This unexpected hurdle tested my strength and determination, but I refused to let it define me. With the help of therapy, understanding loved ones, and my unwavering commitment to self-care, I gradually regained my equilibrium and emerged stronger than ever.

My personal journey through postpartum depression has instilled in me a profound empathy for the challenges faced by other women. It has fueled my passion to support mothers in their own mental health journeys, offering them guidance, resources, and a nonjudgmental space to share their experiences.

As a coach, I understand firsthand the importance of mental well-being throughout every stage of life. Whether it’s overcoming past struggles, adapting to new circumstances, or fostering self-care during pivotal life transitions, I am dedicated to empowering individuals to prioritize their mental health and find inner strength even in the face of adversity.

Together, we can conquer the obstacles that life presents and create a lasting foundation of holistic well-being.



Debora is extreme knowledgeable in nutrition and has a very passionate approach when helping others to align their nutritional health to better themselves
Angela Garner
Debbie has been very sincere and caring. She made me feel at ease and drew out some deep seated issues from my childhood and helped me seen how strong I have been. Such a sweet Soul!
Carie Birky
Dental Hygienist
I am a housewife and sometimes I have trouble arranging everything in my life. Working with Debora I learned the importance of a daily planning in order to balance my family`s along with my personal needs. Debora gave me practical tools to eat better and exercise regularly and I learned step by step to love myself more. She had always encouraged myself not to give up and I can definitely say that my life`s quality has improved a lot.
Emma Tang
Even when you think that everything is fine and that everything will settle down by itself, you should stop and think. Women like me, dedicated to career and mothers of fantastic children, often and willingly choose to postpone activities that don`t seem important. My story begins with a mad desire to get back into a pair of jeans, loosing 3kg that I was carrying with me since my pregnancy, aware that to do this I would have to regulate my meals and go back to do physical activity. My coach was fundamental for the support she gave me. I never felt obliged to do anything and all the results achieved were the result of my perseverance and desire to improve. In a very rational way I have learned to choose what is right for myself.
Graziella Carta
Business Owner
Debora is an excellent health coach. She immediately understood my issues and suggested the perfect idea of how to solve them suited with my life and circumstances.
Liya Jacob
Debora is focused, resourceful, kind, smart and sweet. She had always made me feel at ease during our coaching sessions and I was able to realize many issues that had been bothering me for a long time and solve them together.
Nancy Salzman
Business Woman
During our coaching sessions, Debora made me feel comfortable enough to talk about a very sensitive issue and empowered me so I could work on it with confidence.
Rozenn Cornec
it was amazing working with Debora. She is a natural talented coach. I felt comfortable right from the beginning and our conversations flowed very naturally and easily. I left our sessions uplifted. I highly recommend Debora and looking forward to working with her very soon.
Steffanie Yagli

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