The obsession with calories

“If I stop counting the calories, won`t I gain weight?”

When you count the calories every single time you are eating, you take away the joy of eating and turn it into deprivation, stress and negative talk.

Same if you are exercising with the goal of burning a certain amount of calories, you take away all the fun of a physical activity.

It`s the quality of the food you eat – not the calories in that food – that determines what eating it will do to your metabolism.

A junk-food diet will cause a significant weight gain than a nutritious diet that contains the same amount of calories.

So instead of focusing on the calories on the label, let`s try to read the reported nutritional values.

The less on the label, the better it is.

While processed foods are convenient, they can also potentially affect your health. 

Let`s try to focus on eating real, whole foods that is as close to its nature state as possible.

  1. Loaded with important nutrients
  2. It`s delicious
  3. Low in sugar and high in healthy fats
  4. Healthy heart and high in fiber
  5. Better for the environment

Your diet is more than just what you put in your mouth. It is who you talk to, what energy you surround yourself with, and the content you consume. Pay attention to what you allow in your life.

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