6 realistic strategies I use to get back on track post vacation

1. JUMP BACK IN. Don`procrastinate meal-prepping and fitness routines that`ll just make it more difficult to get back in.

2. HYDRATE. Hydration will help level out your energy, mood and stress levels post trip. 

3. NOURISH. A well balanced diet with a focus on fiber and protein gets the gut back on track and will help you immediately feel better

4. FOOD SHOP. Have groceries waiting for you at home already upon arrival. Having healthy food in the house makes it easier to make healthier choices, especially when you are overtired plus low energy from travelling

5. BOOK A WORKOUT. Schedule it just like you would a doctor appointment or a work meeting

6. GIVE YOURSELF GRACE. It takes the body plus the mind time to reset and get back into a rhythm allowing yourself grace to do that without being hard on yourself! 

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